Cheapest Wholesaler and Manufacturer of all Woodcraft Wood Carving

Probably the cheapest wholesale and supplier of all Philippine woodcraft products like wooden eagles, wooden dolphine, wooden tiger, wooden turtle, wooden sting rays, wooden fish, wooden horse, wooden dragons and many more. This wooden craft is best as a gift items for making more memorable as additional decoration in your room, living room, kitchen, sala and dining room. Best for antique collector for modern contemporary or classical looking home decoration.

Code: K124
Name: Double Dolphin 1 Pair's
Description: Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:30 lg:14


Code: K120
Name: Lion Pair of 2 4 inch
Description: Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:16 lg:7 h:11 each
Stingray Wood Crafts philippine products
Code: K109
Name: Stingray
Description: Kamagong Wood
Size/cm: l:28 h:10
Horse jumping natural color wood craft philippine product
Code: K112
Name: Horse jumping natural color
Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:24 h:30
Deer animal carving wood crafts
Code: K116
Name: Deer
Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:20 lg:9 h:35
Eagle acacia woodcraft
Code: K117
Name: Eagle 20 inch (ACACCIA)
Description: Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:23 lg:20 h:51
Turtle woodcraft
Code: K102
Name: Turtle
Description: Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:9 h:3,5
Angelfish woodcraft philippine made products
Code: K111
Name: Angel Fish
Kamagong Wood
Size/cm: l:15 h:17
Dragon Wood craft carving animal
Code: K114
Name: Dragon
Acacia Wood
Size/cm: l:33 lg:6 h:1,5
Lion wood carving wood crafts philippine products
Code: K121
Name: Lion 6 inch
Kamagong Wood
Size/cm: l:24 lg:9 h:17

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